What Is A Spa Pool Spool ?

Everything You Need To Know About Spa Pool Spools

So What Exactly Is A Spool When Put In Context Of A Spa Pool?

Well quite simply it’s a blend of the two words pool and spa? And measuring approximately 4 to 5 m long and 2 to 3 m wide a spool is an inground swimming pool. So essentially it’s a hybrid of a swimming pool and a spa pool to give you the best of the both combinations as you can heat it in winter and have it cold for summer.

So the major difference between a swimming pool and a spool is that it offers powerful water jets which creates currents that move around as you swim this allows for a relaxing environment after work with a glass of wine for example. You can also do laps and this is great for the kids to learn how to swim in a warm safe and therapeutic like water when its cold.

The bigger models will actually allow adults to swim laps, this may comprise of an in ground pool that is approximately 7 to 8 m long so as you can imagine the bigger the spool the more expensive it will cost you. One downside I will note is that a spool is way too big for standard spa pool movers like us so a truck and hiab is the only way to shift them .

How To Decide If A Spool Is Right For You?

The main reasons you might consider installing a spool include:

  • Your budget does not allow purchasing swimming pool and a spa pool. This provides the best of both worlds
  • Can be used all year round as it can be heated and winter
  • Easier to maintain then a full-size inground swimming pool due to being smaller
  • Doesn’t take up half your backyard yet is versatile enough to be used whenever you like
  • Looks more attractive when compared to a full-size pool for landscaping and architecture purposes
  • Things to consider before purchasing a spool
  • A swim spa or spool isn’t for everyone so see if you can get a chance to test one first.

Is A Swim Spa Or Spool Right For Me ?

Go and see your local dealer and request a test run. Most of them will allow you to test the floor model at a time convenient for you for privacy reasons. This is a great way to get a chance to soak and test the high-pressure nozzles in massaging action that comes with a swim spa. It may not be for everyone but this type of pool is definitely the best of both worlds and is often for the budget orientated person who likes to swim all around.

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