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Spa Pool Moving And Transport Team In Auckland

Do You Need To Move a Spa pool or hot tub ? Our top team at Auckland Transport Movers can move that spa pool to its new location anywhere across the greater Auckland area. Moving heavy spa pools is not an easy job so you need a top team of movers who have all the necessary equipment and experience to shift that spa pool to its new location with minimal effort and no damage .

NOTE : Currently all work is being serviced by Deben and the team at Office Movers Auckland for spa pool moves as they have the equipment and a dedicated Ute to transport your spa pool

Why Are Spa Pools Moves Challenging?

Spa pools are specialty item and need special care when moving them especially when navigating tight places and stairs, this is why you need a specialist team to move your spa pool and not an ordinary mover , luckily for you the top team at Auckland Transport Movers are set up to manage all spa pool movers jobs .We aim to provide you with a full service to transport and deliver that spa pool from wherever you need to be moved from in Auckland.

What Makes Auckland Transport  Movers The Team To Choose To Move Your Spa Pool ?

We are thorough ,careful and have a lot of experience with spa pool moving across the Auckland area. When you employ us to do the job we will take care of your spa pool and place it into its new home ready for use.

Our Spa Pool Moving Process 

Moving a spa pool is no easy process, there is a lot involved and a lot that can go wrong so we operate a specially designed vehicle to transport your spa pool around the city. Then we have a team of expert experienced guys that will use the correct trolleys and other tools , Then we tip the pool on its side for easy moving around your property through gates etc. We have moved to dozens of large spas into place, sometimes you need a hiab crane for very difficult moves, consult with us and we will provide you with expert advice after seeing photos images or video of the terrain around where you would like the spa pool moved to.

Insurance Requirements 

Moving companies will not insure secondhand goods through any moving process, we recommend you consult your insurance company if you think you require insurance whilst we move your spa pool.

Why Choose Auckland Transport Movers

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