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Flat Moving Service For Aucklanders

Auckland Transport Movers is a seasoned squad of movers in the Auckland moving industry that you can depend on for high-quality relocation services like moving flats for example. If you need a quick and dependable service when moving flats across Auckland give us a call for a free quote. We are pleased to introduce our business as one of Auckland’s fastest-growing, most reliable, and experienced relocation service providers.

NOTE : Currently all work is being serviced by Deben and the team at Office Movers Auckland for all moves as they have the equipment and know how needed.

Make Moving Flats Easier With Us

With the help of our professionals, we provide the best flat move services in New Zealand. Our services are simply a cut above. All our professionals have years of experience in the packer and moving industry. From caring for your fragile items to delivering them safely we do everything responsibly and professionally.

What Makes Auckland Transport  Movers The Team To Choose To Move Your Flat ?

We are meticulous, cautious, and have extensive experience moving flats around Auckland no matter how big or small. When you hire us to do the work, we will look after your belongings in your new apartment or flat.

Cheaper Than Doing It Yourself

Renting a truck and doing the job yourself is always more expensive than using our flat moving service. Our movers have a lot of experience moving large objects and can pick up and deliver furniture anywhere across the greater Auckland area, so they know how to function safely and efficiently. Based on the details you have, we approximate the time and overall expense. We provide a free quote and that’s what you’ll pay if you tell us exactly what you want to move and the specifics of the new location.

Insurance Requirements

Moving companies will not insure secondhand goods through any moving process, we recommend you consult your insurance company if you think you require insurance whilst we move your belongings

"Great service , good price and the job was done on time"
Mike Fisher
St Heliers

Why Choose Auckland Transport Movers

  • Top Flat Movers In Auckland ,Affordable and Highly Skilled 
  • Best Furniture Moving Service – We Know How To Move 
  • Reliable and Honest
  • Near Me Service Across Auckland
  • Free Quote Before You Book