Tips To Make Your Next House Move Much Smoother

Moving House Can Be Made Easier

Great Tips To Streamline Moving House

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The following is a list of tips that will help making moves house a whole lot easier for you, some of these are very practical ideas
  • On move-in day make sure you have an overnight bag with essentials, for example toiletries. It’s unlikely you’ll feel like unpacking when you get to the other end so make sure you have all of the essentials you need with you in one handy bag
  • Use clear plastic bins for packing important things so you can see what is inside the been. This will make unpacking a whole lot easier. Also make sure you group like items together for example sensitive or fragile kitchen items can all go in the same plastic container.
  • Label all boxes clearly so that they can be put in the rooms where they will eventually be unpacked into. Make sure you contact a credible furniture moving company and advise them of the layout of your new house so that when they move the boxes they can be put into the correct places.
  • Get some bubble wrap or other packing material for fragile items. You cannot risk breakage and it’s very cheap and inexpensive just to get some extra packaging to prevent breakage is. This man and van in Dundee has come great moving tips worth reading as well.
  • Take photos of cables are connected into the back of the TVs and other electronic devices so that they can be easily reconnected when you move.
  • Make sure you read the fine print after hiring movers and double check insurance and make sure you are covered in the likelihood of any damage 

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Important House Move Tips

De clutter your entire wardrobe prior to moving house. Give away as much of your old clothing as you can to charity and this will help minimize the work and effort required on moving day. 

Color coordinate your boxes and packing tape, this is a handy tip and allows you to select different colors for different rooms so you know exactly where boxes will go when you get to the other end.

If you are disassembling furniture which will need to be reinstalled at the other end make sure you have handy bags for all of the screws and fixtures for each piece of furniture and make sure they are well labeled. Having to relocate screws and fittings for that lounger of yours is never an easy task so make sure you don’t lose any of these items.
When you move house make sure you check in the loft or ceiling space to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. It’s easy to forget about that box of family albums for example 

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